ABC We Print Anything

ABC We Print Anything

ABC–We Print Anything is a recreation of a sweat-shirt worn by Carolee Schneemann in a photograph from 1976. Carolee discovered the sweat-shirt in a printer’s shop-window bearing the slogan ‘ABC We Print Anything.’ It became the adapted project title for ABC – We Print Anything – In the Cards: ‘A’ now stood for Anthony, ‘B’ for Bruce, and ‘C’ for Carolee, and the provocation of ‘printing anything’ now referred to documenting the intimate details of their relations.

‘Every dilemma of our life is in there, every contradiction. It was a wonderful piece to be able to create, because it came out of such chaos. My partner was leaving me and strange enough it seemed like I was falling in love with someone else. It was so confusing. So when people would talk on the phone they would give me advice… I would write that down and drop it in the drawer… Finally I looked in this drawer and I had all these notes piled up and thought maybe I could do something with this.’ (Carolee Schneemann, 2001)

ABC We Print Anything is produced in collaboration with Carolee Schneemann and the Artist’s Institute, New York. Read a note on the Abyme edition by Jenny Jaskey, Director of The Artist’s Institute, in the Revue here.

  • Available in sizes S, M, L
  • Silkscreened sweat-shirt, french terry (85% cotton, 15% polyester)
  • Edition of 75 + XV AP
  • £175

Photography Philippe Fragnière