Thomas Grünfeld

In the edition Margaret, the aesthetics of metal intercom panels are adapted and supplemented with a portrait of a woman smoking, her hand seductively poised on her hip as she carries a wooden log in her arm. The photograph printed onto the aluminium plate was originally made by Thomas Grünfeld for an invitation to an exhibition of mustard coloured Polsters (Upholstery Objects), fireplace-sculptures which hold logs. Both the title of the multiple and the engraved name refer to Margaret Lanterman, the so-called ‘Log-Lady‘, a socio-phobic cult figure from David Lynch’s TV series Twin Peaks, who communicates via a piece of wood. The log which speaks for her functions as a medium for transmitting information and so as a kind of personal intercom. The Log-Lady is communicating with the log and here we can communicate with the Lady, through an apparently functional edition which shifts between the familiar and unfamiliar.

  • 540 × 480 mm
  • Anodized aluminium (milled, printed, engraved, colour-filled).
  • Edition of 16 + IV AP
  • £ 2,500 (inc. vat)

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Photography Alistair Overbruck. Please note, while some installation photographs show the edition smoking, a smoke machine is not supplied, nor is it an integral or essential part of this edition.